Consultative Approach:

You will find plenty of so called “social gurus” who will promise to deliver thousands of likes & subscribers in a week & might as well deliver too. We however care about making real business impact to your business than earning brag points. We will discuss about KPIs only after knowing about your business challenges, plans & marketing goals.

KPI Based execution:

Based on your marketing goals, we will suggest right KPIs to measure succes against. Once we agree on that, we will deliver with transperant & solid strategies that you understand & agree with.


We don’t promise miracles but sustained social strategy with world class execution. You can rely on us tol keep you in loop about strategie & progress, to answer your questions, set realistic expectations & be candid about both success, failure & learnings

Deep & Wide Expertise:

We have a team of content writers, graphic designers & social media experts who work together to deliver compelling & relevant content through your social channels delivering user value & hence increased engagement